- Ryo Yoshida - Ryo Yoshida -

Once-in-a-lifetime Jewelry

Combining natural stones, metals, and plants with a unique approach to create jewelry

one-of-a-kind ring

Like wrapping yourself in a soft blanket

Add each piece to natural stone

Cherish coincidence and necessity

match with stone


A warm shape somewhere

An existence like a talisman that connects you with someone.

Born on October 9 , 1978, lived in Saudi Arabia as a child.

2001 Learned the basics of jewelry making at a vocational school

2002: Worked at an accessory / jewelry production studio.

2003 Launch of domestic brand aruhada , developing creative jewelry such as cuticles, candles, octopus, and grains.

In 2010, brand activities took a hiatus, and I learned the mass production process technology for accessories again and started working as a liaison between brands / designers and workshops.

August 2018
Ryo Yoshida/Ryo Yoshida resumes his activities as a jewelry artist and develops once-in-a-lifetime jewelry using a unique approach to natural stones and rough stones.

<Past exhibits>

Design Festa Shibuya Flea Market
OLD NEW MARKET in Nihonbashi Hayama Art Festival Aozora Art City Fermed Fest Tokyu Plaza Ginza Pop Up
Tokyu Department Store Kichijoji Store Pop Up
Matsuya Ginza Pop Up
Ginza Mitsukoshi P op Up
Seibu Ikebukuro Pop Up
Isetan Shinjuku Pop Up
Newman Yokohama Pop Up
ecute Shinagawa Pop Up