- Once-in-a-lifetime jewelry -

Ryo Yoshida's works are created by the artist and his trusted colleagues.

A special feeling is created through a consistent process from stone selection to setting and polishing.

We value the warmth that is unique to handmade jewelry.


A mimosa and a diamond

A mimosa and thoughts

The flower language of mimosa is "gratitude, friendship, and consideration."

Some people may have the image of a gift being given by a man to a woman,
It is also recommended as a present for a close friend.

For yourself, of course.

Using a technique called spot casting, we created a mold from a single mimosa and made it into jewelry.



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4/23 release

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- Opal -
Opal is considered the birthstone of October and is a very popular gemstone.

It is characterized by its beautiful iridescent play of colors. Its unique color is due to the refraction of light on the particles on the stone surface, creating different colors.
The secret to opal's charm is the beautiful sparkle called "play of color" that cannot be seen in other stones.

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- Notes -

In order to have a pleasant shopping experience, please read the following precautions.

-As each item is handmade, the finish may vary.

-The color of the photo may appear different depending on what computer you view it on.

・We welcome inquiries and orders at any time.
Please send us a message from the Contact section.

・Designs and prices are subject to change without notice due to rising prices of materials, etc.

- Regarding product handling -

Silver tends to discolor when it comes into contact with sweat, hot springs, seawater, etc. If you use K10 or K18, the color will gradually change.

・Products with shine finish Remove sweat and oil with lukewarm water and diluted neutral detergent, then wipe gently with a soft cloth or cloth specifically designed for silver products.

・Products with a matte finish Remove sweat and oil with lukewarm water and diluted neutral detergent, then wipe gently with a soft cloth or non-abrasive jewelry cloth.
If you polish it with an abrasive cloth, it may become shiny black.

- Oxidized products The color is intentionally changed, so there is no need to wipe or polish the product.
The oxidized finish on the convex parts will come off naturally, but it may come off even more if you polish it with an abrasive cloth.

・Rhodium coated product Because it is rhodium coated, it is more resistant to discoloration than regular silver.
If you polish with an abrasive cloth, the coating will come off, so please use a soft cloth without abrasives to remove sweat and sebum stains.

・The product on which the stone is fixed varies depending on the characteristics of the stone.
Please take a look at the enclosed care instructions and precautions.

・We recommend that you remove it when bathing, playing sports, sleeping, etc., as there is a risk of injury, dirt, discoloration, or deformation.

- Regarding storage methods -

・When storing, remove sweat and oil and store in a pouch, case, etc.

・If you will not be using it for a long time, please put it in a plastic bag that does not allow air to come into contact with it.
We also recommend that you avoid places that are exposed to sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity, or excessive dryness.

・Silver, K10, and K18 are metals that change color, but they can be repaired.
Discoloration can be repaired almost free of charge (if the discoloration or stains are severe, shipping costs will be charged), so please contact us.

- About natural stones -

・Natural stones have individual differences in color, shape, and size. In the case of raw stones, there are inclusions, cracks, and chips.

・We take great care to cover them, so please enjoy the charm of natural stone.

- Even if you wear it on a daily basis, the ring may become distorted, the nails may become loose, and the stones may become loose. In that case, please do not leave it unattended and contact us. We will inspect and repair it.

- About after-sales service -

・Resizing and repairing damaged products are available for a fee (some free of charge).

・Contact page or < info@ryoyoshida.com >
Please contact us.

・Please note that repairs may not be possible depending on the item or condition.